Whether you have a whole song written, practiced, and ready to go, or you only have a beat that you're ready to start sketching lyrics to, our expert engineers are here to guide you through hitting the perfect takes, and making a fully polished, professional quality record. 

We take great pride in being able to offer constructive feedback and advice not only to get the best possible take in the moment, but to expand your capabilities as an artist as well.  Our engineers are not "yes men."  They are experienced songwriters and musicians that will tell you when something can be better, and will even tell you how.  After all, our product is your product. 

Of course getting the right performance is only half the fun.  Mixing and mastering is the final key to taking your song the rest of the way to its completed form.  Our qualified engineers have tremendous experience in the field, know how to use every piece of equipment and every plugin to sculpt the perfect mix, but above all, our engineers are experts at understanding an individual artist's vision.  In other words, getting your song to sound good is the beginning, but getting it to sound as you imagined it is the true goal.