We envisioned a studio where an artist could feel the way he or she was supposed to feel... like an artist.  A place where creativity flows constantly and the engineers are capable of catching every bit of it, all the time.  We envisioned a studio that was not just a place an artist went when they were inspired, but a place an artist could go and become inspired.  A place where an artist could stay in their; Vibe, Groove, Zone, etc...  We envisioned a studio that could cater to all varieties of music and people, with excitement, professionalism, and skill.  We envisioned a studio that offered true quality at an affordable price, that would help thousands of artists open the doors to their futures.  Most importantly we envisioned a studio that understood what the true goal of a studio should be, to bring your vision to life.

We envisioned this... and then we built it.